Please click here for a summary of my teaching evaluations.

Political Science

Teaching Fellow for Introduction to Comparative Politics. Kimuli Kasara. Columbia University, Spring 2016. – syllabus, evals

Teaching Fellow for Introduction to International Politics. Tonya Putnam. Columbia University, Fall 2013. – syllabus, evals

Below are samples of syllabi and course descriptions:

  • Click here for Introduction to International Relations.
  • Click here for The International and Comparative Politics of Foreign Aid.
  • Click here for The Politics of Crisis.

Quantitative Methods

Instructor for Workshop on Experiments. With Erwin Bulte, Macartan Humphreys, Martha Ross, Maarten Voors, and Peter van der Windt. Njala University (Sierra Leone), January 2014.

Teaching Fellow for Principles of Quantitative Political Research. Robert Shapiro. Columbia University, Fall 2014. – syllabus, evals

Below are introductory methods guides I developed for Evidence in Governance and Politics:

  • Click here for “10 Things You Need to Know about Randomization.”
  • Click here for “10 Things You Need to Know about Covariate Adjustment.”
  • Click here for “10 Things You Need to Know about Mechanisms.”


Teaching Assistant for Intermediate Macroeconomics. Mark Kuperberg. Swarthmore College, Spring 2011.

Writing and Rhetoric

I spent three years as a Writing Associate at Swarthmore College. As a coordinator, I also organized the inaugural year of the Speaking Associates Program and trained our tutors to provide helpful and constructive feedback on students’ oral presentations. We worked with presentations for an honors biology seminar, helped students prepare to lead class discussions in their first-year English literature seminar, and coached artists to speak about their work in an “artist talk,” among other assignments.

I also co-led a workshop with Chelcie Rowell in November 2010 at the National Conference on Peer Tutors in Writing. Our project focused on working with advanced students whose rhetorical skills did not match their mastery of content.

Below are resources I found helpful as a Writing and Speaking Associate: