For Students


Letters of Recommendation

I am happy to write letters of recommendation to support students’ applications for academic and professional opportunities.

If you think you would like to request a letter from me, first give some careful thought as to whether I am well-positioned to advocate for your best qualities. Letters from me will carry the most weight when you and I have known each other for awhile or worked together closely, such as through a research assistant relationship or thesis advising. I will also be able to write strong letters for students who have been especially motivated and engaged in my courses, especially smaller seminars.

I am happy to discuss all of this with you and, possibly, help you choose between possible recommenders. I will not be offended if you eventually decide to ask someone else.

Good letters take time to write. Please approach me about a recommendation letter at least 3 weeks before the scheduled due date. Once I have agreed to write for you, please e-mail me:

  1. The deadline and letter submission procedures

  2. The substantive materials you are submitting (e.g. cover letter, essay, research proposal, timeline, etc.) — drafts or outlines are fine, but for research-oriented applications, do remember that the more specifically I can discuss your planned research, the better off you will be!

  3. Anything you would like me specifically to comment on or emphasize — this can vary by application depending on the organization/program

Please also send me an e-mail reminder one week before the deadline and, if you haven’t heard by me, the day before. I’ll let you know when I’ve submitted. And keep me posted on both your triumphs and your losses — rejection is often a necessary part of success.

Thesis Advising

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